Psychosocial support after the Canterbury quake – Advice blog

In the hours, days and weeks ahead you may come across instances where people are worried, anxious, frightened, or just uncertain about their experiences and futures. You may be feeling like this yourself. Some will have experienced damage to their property which means that they cannot live where they normally live. Others may have experienced injury – whether to themselves, or their loved ones. And this injury could be physical or non-physical, visible or non-visible. What we know from the research is that most people will be ok, especially if they have their usual resources to draw upon – especially their social networks and experience with coping with adversity successfully before in their lives. Others will need more support.

This site provides information to help you to help yourself and others.

This blog started after doing some work over the first couple of days after the initial earthquake, having been quoted in a NZ Herald article here on helping children after the event (also also in the Star Canterbury and another article here, and here), and a Radio NZ National radio interview on Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan too. I also made a post on Nigel Latta’s Facebook page after being prodded by a friend on looking after children after the earthquake.

As a result of the work that I have done to develop the NZ Government’s psychosocial support response in emergency events, I’ve been inspired to set up this new blog on support after the quake – please check in regularly for bite-sized advice and tips to help you recognise some of the new and unsettling thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you and others around you might be seeing or going through, and how to help yourself and others.

I’m happy for you to share this information with whoever you think might find it useful. Just check with me through the comments function if it will be used for press or media purposes. Always happy to receive feedback too. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Psychosocial support after the Canterbury quake – Advice blog

  1. Hi,
    heard you speak on the radio this am – just wanted to say how happy I am that people are acknowledging the psychosocial side of things in a relatively high profile way…it has always been the main part of my role as a CCLS and Hospital Play Specialist…but not always did people understand what the term meant…is of particular importance now as kids, families and whanau figure out how to move forward. I will continue to believe that people well supported display amazing resilience.

    • Hi Nicola,

      Thanks for your comment – the first!
      Agree with you regarding resilience being the norm, with good support – please see my post today on the tricky concept of trauma.


  2. Hope you do not mind – I have pulled together some of the most appropriate resources available for those working with kids and families and have included a link to your blog…other include info from MoE etc…

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